Ideas for Webinars

Streaming video


• Copyright (UCLA made BBC Shakespeare series available online to students without paying additional fees over original purchase. Sued/judge decided in favor of UCLA but is being appealed)

• Cataloging -- ALCTS did webinar on cataloging streaming media already, so don’t need to cover this in any depth


• Media/equipment services (streaming from own server or provider’s server)

• Access: through catalog, by collections (humanities, specific provider)

• Preservation (could do whole webinar on this alone) … see: Association of Moving Image Archivists

• What does “Right to stream in perpetuity mean?” … no standardization

• Public performances for groups different than for individual

• Acquisitions models: Pay-per-view/on demand

• Walmart is putting “your DVD in the cloud” (digital conversion service) for a small fee


VideoLib discussion list has an archive


Possible speakers:

• deg farrelly: deg.farrelly@asu/edu

• Gary Handman/UC Berkeley (retiring in June 2012) … I’m told he is opinionated but fair/”Confident”

• Dennis Doros, owner of Milestone Films, knowledgeable about streaming.

• Alexander St. Press completing lots of subject collections of streaming videos

• University of Connecticut

• John Vallier University of Washington

• Terry McCormack University of Buffalo/Copyright

• Someone from AMIA?



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